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“Dr Stapper is a dynamic and engaging speaker who is able to relate the concepts of soil health to the practical problems that farmers are grappling with.”

G. Grasser,
Darnum, Victoria

“the responses from the workshops have been tremendous. Even people who I thought would struggle to 'get it' were very excited.”

“I have seen some truly exceptional farmers who are light years ahead . . . many of them cited Maarten as one of the major influences”

B. Mead,
Cornwall, UK

“Congratulations on your contribution to the channel 9 TV show "Australia's Salinity Crisis: What Crisis?  I taped the show and have had a showing at work yesterday, fifteen people turned up to watch the tape.  It has caused plenty of debate around here, which is great.”

March 06

“It was an honour to be able to offer a high calibre speaker such as your self to the landholder community.  Thank you for making yourself available. Without question the calibre of your back ground experience, knowledge and research placed CSIRO in excellent stead within our local community.”

August 06

“So it’s serendipitous to read your paper to see how someone can so eloquently describe the vision and process. It’s also a great checklist for us when we feel we have wandered or lost control . . .”

July 06

“Thanks for a great presentation last week.  The feedback has been very positive with lots of comments on your clear communication skills.”

March 06

“Your voice without question has been one of the leading lights in our times.”

March 06

“Your audience has passed on many compliments: impressed by your message & the clarity and manner in which you explained it.”

September 07

“… an extremely interesting & informative presentation (which) has reinforced many of our beliefs & given us the confidence to change our entire thought process to farming.”

P. Cook,
Keith, South Australia
March 05

“Thank you for your professionalism, ability to relate to grass roots farmers and your significant depth of understanding of the issues that we face in rural Australia”.

J. Hermiston
Landcare Network
Beechworth, Victoria
March 06

“Dr Stapper's commitment to leading Australian food producers and land managers to understand our soils’ health and its foundation to our nutrition and life is ground breaking here in Australia”.

H. Chambers
Federation of Biological Farmers,
Marong Victoria
August 06